Why join MP3 Home loans and the family of companies? I asked the team to share what they feel is best qualities and benefits of working here, I figure who would know better than them and here is what we all came up with listed below:

  1. Yearly Continuing Education paid for
  2. Testing to get your DRE Real Estate License
  3. Soft Credit pulls
  4. Run Credit scenarios to increase fico scores
  5. Over 50 approved Lenders
  6. You can do loans and sell and buy Real Estate
  7. Commercial Lending
  8. We will create a website and QR code
  9. We provide leads
  10. Training and support provided from our partners
  11. We will provide a laptop, monitor, all the tools for you to be successful
  12. Hands on support, one on one interaction, and team support
  13. Technology and I.T. Support
  14. Client Rewards and Value – adds
  15. Access to mass emails and skip tracing
  16. Outlook & Microsoft Office
  17. Flexible Work Schedule/Work remotely

Here at MP3 Home Loans, we have a huge portfolio of loan programs, including creative financing to offer your clients flexibility to keep your business stable and close more deals. At MP3 it’s more than being part of a team, it’s being part of a family!

For newly licensed Loan Officers, you matter. The personalized one on one is awesome.

  • Mentorship Programs availableCreate a team if you’d like
  • Create a team if you’d like
  • Leads help you build your book of business
  • The command climate is good and healthy
  • It’s never about the Brokerage, it’s about you!
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Home Loan Originator Position. Must have an NMLS #. Does not need a lot of experience, we will be hands on and train as well as offer leads. State of California. Can sell Real Estate as well if you want to. Remote position, Laptop, monitor and headset (and any other necessary tools) will be issued. Continuing education and support will be provided.

Company Motto is to provide good comp. and support to LO's putting the employees first so they can do their jobs and change people’s lives.

  • MP3 Home Loans
  • NMLS #1965815
  • DRE#02078350
  • Office (800) 769-2070
  • Michael Mancuso